Who we are

The European Association of Hospital Pharmacists represents more than 27.000 hospital pharmacists in 35 European countries and is the only association of national organisations representing hospital pharmacists at European and international levels.

How has the EAHP developed?

At a scientific congress in Strasbourg a number of hospital pharmacists from different European countries decided that they should establish a new European association to represent their common interests. Thus in 1969, the seeds of EAHP were sown. On 6 March 1972, the representatives of six European countries signed the first Statutes of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists, in The Hague, The Netherlands. The first President of EAHP was Marcel Lebas from France.

The first member countries were Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, the Federal Republic of Germany and The Netherlands. In 1973, Ireland and Spain joined EAHP, soon followed by Norway, Greece, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland. In the 1990s, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Luxembourg, Finland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and the Czech Republic became members. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, Turkey, North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Bosnia Herzegovina followed. More recently, Iceland, Malta, Romania and Montenegro became members of EAHP.

Membership within EAHP is open to countries members of the Council of Europe.

On the 1st of August 2011, the EAHP officially became an International Not-for-Profit Organization, and adjusted its policy to better face modern challenges.

EAHP Mission

EAHP represents and develops the hospital pharmacy profession within Europe in order to ensure the continuous improvement of care and outcomes for patients in the hospital setting. This is achieved through science, research, education, practice, as well as sharing best-practice and responsibility with other healthcare professionals.

What are the goals of the EAHP?

  • in the interest of patients and public health, to promote and further develop hospital pharmacy and to obtain and maintain general joint pharmaceutical principles and a joint pharmaceutical policy;
  • to foster research and education activities on behalf of hospital pharmacy, in order to allow hospital pharmacists in all countries which are members of the Council of Europe from time to time (hereinafter "Countries in the European Region") to contribute optimally to public health and furthermore anything directly or indirectly related or beneficial thereto, all in the broadest sense of the word;
  • to promote cooperation with other organisations in the domain of public health;
  • to promote the position and function of hospital pharmacists;
  • to support and uphold the interests of hospital pharmacists at the European Union authorities;
  • to support and uphold the interests of hospital pharmacists at the Council of Europe authorities;
  • to support and undergo everything related to the above that may be conducive to carrying out the Association's purpose.

"What hospital pharmacists do"

This video explains what it is the hospital pharmacist does, and why their role is so important to safe and effective patient care in the hospital setting.